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The Value of Outsourcing

L & L InternationalL & L International is the world’s leader in the acquisition and sales of pre-owned private, corporate and executive jets. The company’s highly trained staff has established a solid reputation for knowing how to take care of customers and boasts an unparalleled understanding of the business jet marketplace.

Unique communications challenges

In the highly specialized private jet sales and acquisitions industry, each deal is unique, and the industry’s audience of advanced buyers requires custom-tailored sales solutions. Because of the intensity and individuality of each sale, L & L found it challenging to maintain regular communications with its diverse audience.

Answering this challenge, L & L turned to email marketing to relay its value proposition to both current and prospective customers. When choosing an email marketing provider, L & L‘s principals knew they needed a partner who boasted a parallel level of service, leadership and expertise — a partner they could trust to manage their communications so they could focus 100% on managing their business.

“We don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to produce a bi-monthly email newsletter in-house. We needed to find an expert in the email marketing field who could manage everything from start to finish and let us focus on what we do best — providing service to our customers,” said Marc Yahr, L & L‘s vice president of sales.

Finding the right partner

L & L‘s principals did not have to look far to find the expert they were seeking. Through the personal recommendation of their trusted SEO partner, L & L found Proven Systems.

“We know that when you need a job done, whether it’s jet interior design, custom painting or mechanical servicing, you call in an expert. We discovered, through a referral, that when you need an expert in newsletter marketing, you call Proven Systems,” Yahr notes.

With such a high recommendation, L & L came to Proven Systems with a solid level of trust in the company’s capabilities, yet had reservations about the challenges of addressing its unique audience and finding fresh, appropriate topics.

“We had initial concerns about finding unique messaging for our audience, but those concerns were quickly alleviated as soon as we saw the first draft of our newsletter,” said Yahr. “The Proven Systems team continually creates appropriate content that’s in line with the needs of our audience. From start to finish, they manage the entire process so that we don’t have to.”

Visit our newsletter gallery!The value of outsourcing

For four years now, Corporate Jet Insider has been distributed regularly, complete and on time. L & L couldn’t be happier.

“We’re in a business in which we are actively engaged with our company and our customers,” Yahr concludes, “and for anyone in such a business, we have come to appreciate that you can’t afford to overthink the value of hiring a professional organization to manage your newsletter.”

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