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Why Don’t More People Fill Out My Contact Form?

CalculatorQ: I have a great offer on the front page of my email newsletter and the traffic is high, but I’m still not getting the results I want. How can I get more people to fill out the contact form?

A: There are a couple of tricks to encourage more people to fill out your forms:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t request more information than you need. Name, email address, and job title are likely sufficient for most initial contact forms.

    Later in the sales process, a longer form will likely be appropriate. But if a company is just researching a product or service, a form with numerous required fields will appear intrusive and elicit frustration: “Why do you need to know how many people work at my company? I just want to read this report before I make any more steps.”

  • Double your web conversions. Here's how.Keep it visible. The most visible space on your website or newsletter is the top left corner, moving out in an L-shape from there. Place your contact form (or a link to your contact form) where it will be seen! If the reader doesn’t see the offer, it’s impossible to complete the request form.

A contact form is a valuable way to capture leads and start the nurturing process. Keep it brief and keep it in the spotlight, and you’ll see an increased response rate.

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