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B2B Buyers’ Main News Source Might Surprise You

Email on tablet computerEverywhere you turn, there’s a constant flow of news — from Twitter and other social media to RSS feeds to the billions of pages of web content that are out there.

Sifting through all that information is a daunting, if not impossible, task. And the majority of what you’ll find doesn’t come from authoritative or reliable sources. That’s why many B2B buyers still get their industry news from eNewsletters!

Consider these amazing statistics from a study performed by digital news outlet Quartz:

  • 60% of executives choose an email newsletter as one of the first three news sources they check every day — double the percent of those who use a news app for their news.
  • 56% of those execs say an email newsletter is their top source of industry news.
  • 86% of the executives surveyed agree that they are interested in branded content — which is also the most memorable form of digital advertising after video.

Double your web conversions. Here's how.eNewsletters are a trusted source for industry-specific news because they speak the same “language” as the executives who are reading them, and are written by industry experts who keep up with trends and developments in their particular field. A well-written eNewsletter can build “thought leadership,” which establishes your credibility and your brand’s reputation with B2B buyers. If your readers believe in your expertise, they are more likely to choose your product or service over your competitors’.

As a result, eNewsletters create a powerful impact for the businesses that send them. Most notably, eNewsletters produce more quality leads than other methods. Although social media and search have the potential to generate interest, email beats even targeted searches for bringing in qualified leads. According to MarketingLand, an astonishing 40% of the leads from email are the people you actually want to hear from.

In addition, the value doesn’t stop at your send list. eNewsletters are easy for readers to share with coworkers, other execs, and industry peers who are also interested in getting the latest and most in-depth industry news.

And critically, an eNewsletter delivers the added benefit of analytics. Tracking and analysis of newsletter traffic and reader behavior can help you identify who is interested in which kinds of content. That’s information you can use to create more of the content that’s most likely to generate qualified leads and get results.

Help your customers and prospects find the industry news they need in a quick, enjoyable-to-read format, and they’ll remember that when it comes time to make buying decisions.

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