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Build Customer Trust Through Newsletter Distribution

Woman using a tablet computerIf you have a newsletter or are considering distributing one, you’re probably aware of their many benefits: increased website traffic, building thought leadership, educating customers about your solutions, and more. But another benefit you may have never considered is that a newsletter can help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

Making a purchase requires a customer to have some degree of trust in a business. After all, working with a new company comes with some uncertainty that the provider will do what is needed and live up to their promises. This is especially true with B2B customers because working with the wrong company or making a poor purchase could potentially put their jobs on the line. By building up your brand, you build up trust as the potential client gets insight into your company and business practices.

A newsletter establishes regular communication with current or potential clients and offers company updates, tips, and industry insights that the readers will find informative or helpful. It also builds consumer trust in various ways.

Double your web conversions. Here's how.It makes your business more approachable. If you are writing interesting, engaging articles in an easy-to-understand way, your customers will be more likely to see your company as accessible. Including a Q&A section or incorporating testimonials demonstrates that other customers rely on your company, and can make potential clients feel like they can too.

It offers something valuable for free. Producing and distributing newsletters takes time, research, and energy. When potential or current customers regularly receive tips, industry insights, and advice from your business, it gives them the impression of getting something of value for free, without the expectation of something in return. If a customer feels they can trust and rely on your advice, it makes you more trustworthy as well.

It provides insight into your culture. It is often difficult to determine what a brand’s goals and attitudes are just by quickly skimming a website. Newsletters offer the opportunity to let customers know what is important to your company. It could be sharing fun tidbits about your office culture or your business’s history, or discussing a philanthropic cause you and your employees support. When prospects understand your company’s motives and intentions, it makes it easier for them to imagine how you will treat them in your business interactions.

Sending out a company newsletter boosts engagement, and encourages communication between your brand and a potential or current customer. Your newsletter can be a great tool for building a foundation of trust between your business and your buyers.

[cta]A company newsletter can promote the growth of a trusting relationship between you and your clients. Contact the professionals at Proven Systems at (800) 720-5398 or for a no-cost consultation to learn more.[/cta]

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