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Q: Why Isn’t My Content Marketing Working?

ConfusionA: Are you sure it isn’t?

Businesses often quantify success through tangible measurements — leads per month, for example. However, when marketers try to pin down specific numbers to demonstrate their return on investment (ROI), they are often frustrated by the inability to directly connect results with their content marketing program.

What’s different about content marketing is that it offers a range of benefits that are intangible. According to the report, “B2B Content Marketing: Finding Satisfaction Beyond the Lead” from marketing research firm eMarketer, content marketers are more focused on measuring soft results such as brand image or perception and customer trust than lead generation.

Such content marketing intangibles have not been measureable — at least until now. With ConvertAVisit software, you can track visitors who come to your website and have direct insight into the responses to your content marketing efforts. By using ConvertAVisit, you can see:

  • The correlation between content distribution and increased site visits
  • Visit our newsletter gallery!Visitors who return to your site
  • Visitors who consume multiple content pieces on your site
  • The link between content engagement and eventual sales

Your content marketing program is likely providing far more benefit than you think. And by using ConvertAVisit, you can now prove it.

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