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4 Solid Reasons Why Consistency Is Key

Content marketing provides a host of benefits for sales, marketing, and customer service. But even the best content won’t affect your audience if your message isn’t uniform and delivered on a dependable schedule. Consistency legitimizes a company in the eyes of its customers. Customers who see timely, relevant, dependable materials also see a company they […]

Build Customer Trust Through Newsletter Distribution

If you have a newsletter or are considering distributing one, you’re probably aware of their many benefits: increased website traffic, building thought leadership, educating customers about your solutions, and more. But another benefit you may have never considered is that a newsletter can help you build a trusting relationship with your customers. Making a purchase […]

B2B Buyers’ Main News Source Might Surprise You

Everywhere you turn, there’s a constant flow of news — from Twitter and other social media to RSS feeds to the billions of pages of web content that are out there. Sifting through all that information is a daunting, if not impossible, task. And the majority of what you’ll find doesn’t come from authoritative or […]

You Have the Branding, Now Where Are the Sales?!

Your marketing department creates some of the coolest promotions around. Your logo is sharp, and your marketing materials couldn’t be more professional. So why aren’t you making more sales? Most marketing departments focus on brand-building, but that’s only part of the equation. The best marketing strategies in the world won’t work if you drop the […]

How Much Should You Pay for Subscribers?

All list expansion efforts cost something, whether it’s time spent at events, money spent on paid ads or paid search marketing, or — as some sponsors have started doing at business events — offering attendees actual cash for their email addresses. Or it could cost you both time and money. Plus, there’s all the time […]

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