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Should I Even Try to Keep Marketing Consistent During the Holidays?

Q: It’s challenging to keep up with marketing through November and December. Between days off, employee vacations, and holiday activities, priorities shift. Is anyone even paying attention this time of year? A: The answer is a resounding yes! People are paying attention, and despite your hectic schedule, you should make consistent marketing a priority through the holidays. The truth […]

Q: Why Isn’t My Content Marketing Working?

A: Are you sure it isn’t? Businesses often quantify success through tangible measurements — leads per month, for example. However, when marketers try to pin down specific numbers to demonstrate their return on investment (ROI), they are often frustrated by the inability to directly connect results with their content marketing program. What’s different about content […]

Q: How can I retain more B2B customers?

Lead generation is extremely important, and eNewsletters offer many powerful ways to create those qualified leads. But retaining your current B2B customers is just as important — and can be much more of a challenge. To maintain your loyal customers’ interest, you’ll need a finessed approach that takes into account where your clients are at […]

Why Don’t More People Fill Out My Contact Form?

Q: I have a great offer on the front page of my email newsletter and the traffic is high, but I’m still not getting the results I want. How can I get more people to fill out the contact form? A: There are a couple of tricks to encourage more people to fill out your forms: […]

What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C Landing Pages?

A: Landing pages are important to B2B and B2C marketers alike. However, B2B and B2C landing pages have different goals — and therein lie their differences. According to a recent survey, both B2B and B2C marketers think conversion is the best metric for measuring the efficiency of a landing page. What that conversion should look […]

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