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How Great Companies Keep in Touch with Their Clients

Innovator Industrial Services delivers high-value specialty maintenance services across Canada and supports heavy industry’s high-temperature and high-pressure piping systems to the oil and gas industry — as well as many other technical industries that require piping system maintenance. “Our success is tied to bringing new technology into Canada that nobody has seen before,” says Megan […]

Constantly Communicate through a Company Blog Program

How do you close a sale? For Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions, a full-service marketing firm that provides sports and entertainment personalities for events and promotions, the key is providing the best customer service possible — even before a prospect becomes a customer. To provide that service, the firm relies on constant, regular communication […]

Newsletters Keep Information in the Pipeline

If you need any type of pipe, valve, or fitting, call The Macomb Group. This growing company has offices spreading from Tennessee to its headquarters in Sterling Heights, Mich. Since the company opened in 1977, the business has transformed and innovated according to market demands. What was once a small, single-location pipe and supply operation […]

Who Is Delivering Your Marketing Message?

LynnCo Supply Chain Services coordinates logistics for clients with supply chains that span North America. Logistics may sound analytic and faceless, but LynnCo provides personal service like no other logistics company. The company’s Solutions Strategists understand the serious, complex nature of the business, and they invest a lot of time in working with clients one-on-one […]

The Value of Outsourcing

L & L International is the world’s leader in the acquisition and sales of pre-owned private, corporate and executive jets. The company’s highly trained staff has established a solid reputation for knowing how to take care of customers and boasts an unparalleled understanding of the business jet marketplace. Unique communications challenges In the highly specialized […]

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