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What Are Your Website Analytics Not Telling You?

Web analytics seem useful, until you sit down with those numbers and try to do something constructive with them. It’s then that you realize it’s all high-level, general data that doesn’t actually tell you anything about your site’s visitors or what they’re really looking for. Proven Systems realized that its client companies wanted information that […]

6 Easy Steps for Higher Email Deliverability

Having great email deliverability means more than just having an extensive list. Emails to potential or current customers can be an excellent way to boost engagement, increase brand recognition, and promote website traffic. However, because servers, companies, and individual users can adjust settings to block or allow your messages, it is important to use best […]

Is Your Web Copy Up to Par?

Maybe you produce a lot of content, but is it Web content? Writing words to fill your website is one thing, but optimizing it for the Internet is quite another. When you’re writing Web copy, keep these four questions in mind: Are you talking about benefits? Are you including searchable words? Are your page titles […]

Let Your Satisfied Customers Tell Your Story

Ever get tired of telling prospects what your company can do for them? Wouldn’t it be easier if your most satisfied clients called them all and told them how good your company is to work with and how you helped their companies meet their objectives? Well, that’s not likely. But the concept of using your […]

Are You in “Communication Debt”?

You might know the term technical debt: In software development, it refers to putting off correcting a flaw in software to speed up product release. The “debt” is the time you borrow, compounded by the costly consequences of not fixing the issue at the outset. MarketingLand believes that a similarly costly waste of valuable resources […]

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